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Is your website slow?

Nobody likes to wait! Especially online. That’s why your website should be blazing fast otherwise peoples itchy fingers will click away faster than you can say “Why is my WordPress website so slow?”

Is This Your Website?

You’ve probably already tried all of the tips and tricks to speed up your website, the plugins, the htaccess hacks, reduced your image sizes, blah blah blah and probably a lot more blahs after that, but your website still drags its heels, or maybe it runs, well you know, kind of ok. If that’s how you feel about your website how do you think other people do?

This is especially true if you’re running this for your business. If your website is slow your sales will be slow. People won’t wait around for your site, they’ll just go off somewhere else to spend their money.

Now what if I could tell you that the most likely problem for your websites poor performance isn’t how you’ve configured WordPress or setup your website. It’ something a lot simpler than that. Your hosting! Yep I just went and hit that nail straight on the head there, didn’t even bang my thumb!

The best way to explain this is with a simple analogy. Imagine your webhost is a car that drives your website to people. Now is that car a state of the art Tesla or a rusty old tin can?

This is probably where you’ll say ‘Hey! I’m with a major hosting company like:

GoDaddy – Hostgator – 1&1 – Bluehost – TSOHost – SiteGround – A2 Hosting – etc. 

Who’s faster than them?

Well you would be surprised, in fact you would be very surprised. Those are great brands, that also provide great hosting, but you don’t want great. Great is so last century. You want phenomenal! 

You want so phenomenal that you see an instant speed increase on your website. You want so phenomenal that we will also tune your site to make it go even faster.

Why am I shouting about this? Well I’ve used each and every one of the hosting providers mentioned above. Either for my own sites or for my clients. On sites that have jumped ship from these hosting companies I’ve seen performance increases that would make your jaw drop.

Are you ready for high speed WordPress?

The thing that usually stops people from moving is that they see it as a hassle. A slow website is a hassle! How about if all of the technical side was handled for you and your website moved across for you? Would that help? 

If you’re in the US the performance alone is simply a no-brainer! 

But what if you’re in another country, like the UK?

“My host is in the UK. Where’s the host you recommend?”

UK Website Owner

They’re in the US.


“Won’t they be slower than my host then?”

UK Website Owner

“In our test’s they typically outperform UK hosts! That may seem crazy, but thanks to their infrastructure they have a head start before they even send the first byte.”


“So what makes that stage so fast?”

UK Website Owner

“They use LiteSpeed Web Server that can provide a performance advantage of up to 9x faster than Apache. As well as MariaDB, that is a fork of MySQL, that provides improved database performance for your MySQL database. Plus all drives are SSD for rapid response times. They have balanced this setup to give a speed boost before the first byte is sent.”


“Ahhh, but what about the distance between the US and the UK”

UK Website Owner

“The servers are connected to a major Internet network backbone. By the time you’ve blinked the server is talking to your browser. Plus you can setup Cloudflare and Railgun for free. This means that static resources like CSS, JS and images can be delivered by the Cloudflare data centre that is closest to your visitor.”


“But what about support?”

UK Website Owner

“This is one of our big loves. 24/7 technical support from people who want to help you rather than just giving you canned responses.”


“So who is the web host that you recommend?”

UK Website Owner

“The host is called NameHero. ”


Now Let’s Look At An Example

We were contacted by a UK website owner who was having issues with their UK host as their Divi website wasn’t performing how they wanted it to.

When running a speed test it flagged Keep Alive as not being enabled. They contacted their UK host who told them that they could not have Keep Alive enabled on shared hosting.

Being the helpful types that we are we temporarily setup a copy of their site on NameHero so they could see if they had a performance improvement. Plus NameHero has Keep Alive enabled as standard. While this won’t speed up the time to first byte it does help once data is being transmitted


Here’s the results of the compare:

UK Host


As you can see the NameHero times featuring Litespeed cache were very impressive, as well as the PageSpeed benefits.

This was enough to convince them to come across and try NameHero.

Once their site was setup on their own NameHero account and they’d added new content we optimised their site and ran another speed test.

This was even faster than before, even though they’d added more content to the page!

For those who think. OK that’s impressive, but I bet that it’s slow in the UK.

Well here’s the UK load time…

Are You Ready for Faster Web Hosting?

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