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Development Maintenance

Essential Website Support

We’re here to provide support in a time of crisis, maintenance to keep your site running smoothly and development time to keep you ahead of the competition.

We do this for websites that are created using WordPress and custom creations built with HTML, PHP, JavaScript and jQuery.

Let us focus on your website so you can focus on your business. 

“It’s like having your own support team there when you need them…”

“Development time means I can finally make changes to my website…”

“Halved the load time for my website to improve my mobile SEO…”

“Saves me hours of time producing new product listings for my site…”

“They’re alerted to issues with my website before I even spot them…”

“Created a staging site so I can see changes before they go live…”

“Made many tweaks and changes to increase ecommerce sales…”

“Responded faster than my web host to fix problems on my website…”

“Fixed functionality problems for me that had been driving me crazy…”

“Made my website fully responsive so that it looks amazing on mobile…”


We’re in your corner whenever you need us. Problems can happen on websites when you least expect it. Let us deal with any issues for you. Plus we’re proactive, monitoring your sites uptime every minute, 24/7, 365 days a year.


Site Monitored: 24/7


Our Starter plan provides you with 8 hours of development time each month. This can be used to fine tune your website, make changes, SEO, content creation, etc. The choice is yours on how this time is used to improve your website.


Development Time: 8 Hours


Websites aren’t set and forget. They need to be maintained and monitored to ensure that they’re performing correctly. Not only do we perform secure off-site backups every day for you we also carry out any maintenance that is required.


Secure Backups: Daily

What Does This Cover?

Here’s what we’re typically asked to do…

Fix a Problem

Errors? Issues? Changes?
Let us fix them for you.


Look great!
On any device. 

Build a Site

Don’t waste your time.
We’ll create your website.

Good Looks

Fix cosmetic problems
on your website.


Your website how
you want it.


Need website content?
We can produce it for you.


Slow website?
We’ll make it fast!


We’ll help people find
your website.


Software/plugin updates.
Database management.

The Fine Print

All the details you need to know…

What's your website support experience?

The founder of FastCodeFix, Simon Vause has 23 years of programming experience and over 10 years working with WordPress. He has put together a highly knowledgeable team who can support WordPress and custom HTML, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery based websites.

Why a monthly service?

We do offer a single fix service if that’s what you need, but we’ve found that many clients want more. They have either been let down by their webhost, have problems that they can’t fix themselves, or need help with the running of their website.

Websites are 24/7. We take away the stress of wondering what to do if something goes wrong as well as actively working to not only support your website at a time of crisis, but to also develop your website to keep your visitors engaged and interested.

Do you work to an SLA?

Yes we work to an SLA. For the Starter service we use the following SLA.

Site Down
– Site is down through either software or hardware
– Response Time: We monitor your website 24/7 so we’re informed of any downtime the moment it happens.
– Fix time: Issue dependent

– Non-critical website errors or functionality issues
– Response Time: 12 hours
– Fix time: Issue dependent

– Software updates, database management, etc. 
– Fix time: Review and action each month

– All other tasks in relation to developing your site.
– Response Time: 12 hours
– Fix time: Request dependent

* = Support hours are part of your Development quota.

How many Development hours?

We’ve created a Starter service that provides you with 8 Development hours each month. These hours are also used for Support on non-critical website errors or functionality issues.

These hours can be used for whatever you need. If you look at the section above entitled ‘What does this cover?’, you can see a list of what we’re typically asked to do.

If you need more hours we can either create a custom service plan for you, or if it was a one-off we can provide you with the option to add additional hours.

We want you to be happy! This is why we will strive to work hard for you so that you receive the maximum value from these hours. 

How do you monitor uptime?

We run an automated process that will check that your site is available every minute of every day and night. If the site doesn’t respond we’re immediately notified to investigate if there is an issue. We will also provide you with a monthly uptime report so you can see a true picture of your websites availability.

As well as monitoring the server, we also check http(s) statuses. This is the best way to spot issues as you could have a situation where your server is up, but your site is down.

How do you manage my requests?

We use a professional Helpdesk system called Freshdesk that is used by companies including DHL, HP, American Express and Harvard University. This allows you to securely send access details to your website, as well as providing you with a Helpdesk ticketing system to easily manage your requests.

Do you do everything?

Pretty much! Just a few things we cover are content creation, coding, design, speed optimisation, website creation, modification, analysis and responsive setup.

How much is this?

Our pricing is a fraction of what you would be charged if you were to hire a design agency. 

We also provide a 20% discount for quarterly payments. 

For our latest pricing please get in touch using the form listed below.

Is there a money back guarantee?

We work under an SLA for you that is part of the terms and conditions of our monthly Starter service. If we fail to adhere to this SLA, or fail to complete work successfully for you you’re covered by a no quibble money back guarantee. 

We do this because we’re confident in our abilities to support and develop your website.

Is payment secure?

Yes! We use PayPal to manage our payments. When a payment request is sent it includes full terms and conditions.

Do your prices include VAT?

If you’re in an area where VAT is applicable, such as in the UK, VAT will be added.

Are there any contracts?

You’re not tied into any contracts. You can cancel at any time.

Let’s Get Started

We’re standing by ready to help you. Please fill in the form and we’ll get back to you ASAP with details on the latest pricing for our Starter support plan.

If you have any questions before filling in this form please take a look at ‘The Fine Print’ above or feel free to contact us with Live Chat by clicking on the icon on the bottom right of your screen, or through email or phone listed below.


+44(0) 845-220-6920

Simple Hire Process

We’ll provide you with a quote for our support services. If you’re happy, make payment through PayPal and we’ll start supporting your website today.

Money Back Guarantee

If we fail to deliver on the terms agreed between us, we offer a no quibble money back guarantee. We’re confident in our abilities to support your website.