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Fast WordPress Hosting

We’ve tested a LOT of web hosts so you don’t have to!

Fast Web Hosting for your Website

Web hosting is often a rash decision that ends up leaving people filled with regret that they chose the wrong host.

We’ve literally lost count of the number of times that people have come to us with performance problems on their WordPress website only for them to have a light bulb moment when they realise that their host is the root of their problems.

You wouldn’t build a house on sand so why build a website on hosting that is anything but a solid foundation that you can trust.

Especially if you’re using your website to generate work for you or to make sales!

Just think of how you react when you go to a website and it under performs. You’ll ponder for a second and then if it’s a laborious process to move around the site you’ll just click back and move to the next option.

Plus speed isn’t the only factor that’s critical with a web host. Support is! You really find out how good your host is when you have problems. A good web host should support you and help you with any problems that you have. Unfortunately far too many use canned responses and are quick to blame how you’re using their hosting as an excuse for poor performance.

We’ve used a lot of web hosts! Both for our own projects and also for clients websites. We’ve seen the good and the bad from over a hundred different hosts, including many popular hosting solutions such as:

123Reg – 1&1 – A2Hosting – AccuWeb – Bluehost – DigitalOcean – DreamHost – Easyspace – Fasthosts – GoDaddy – Hostgator – HostPapa – Hostinger – HostWinds – Kinsta – InMotion  – iPage – Liquid – MDDHosting – NameCheap – NameHero – SiteGround – TMDHosting – TSOHost – Webfusion – WPEngine

From all of this experience we’re able to narrow down your selection for you so that you can feel secure that you’ll receive fast web hosting that will help your website grow.

Our choices are based on real world usage when setting up and managing websites.

There are two main hosting options.


Perfect if you want to handle managing your website. Giving you the option to run WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Ruby on Rails, forums, custom websites, etc.

CPanel is a web based hosting control panel that is packed with options and features that put you in control.

Our top choice for CPanel hosting is: NameHero.


Fast Web Hosting – Many clients have seen an instant speed increase just by switching to NameHero from their old host!

CPanel based – Keeps you in control of a whole host of features to manage your website.

Fantastic Customer Support – We’ve asked a multitude of questions that are answered without having to hang on a phone line or wait for hours for a response. Fast, efficient and often over deliver.


If you want everything tuned and setup for maximum performance without you having to keep a check on setup a managed WordPress environment is the one to go for.

Managed means that you don’t have to get bogged down managing what your website runs on. All of this is handled for you to ensure that you have a high speed, secure, fully optimised hosting service that delivers fantastic website performance.

This makes managed WordPress hosting the perfect choice for an ecommerce site or one that is starting to grow.

We have one choice for WordPress managed hosting.


One of the main reasons that we love Kinsta is that it utilises the Google Cloud Platform to give you consistently fast web hosting that can handle traffic spikes. This also means you have a choice of 17 locations across the world for where your site is hosted. Need UK hosting, no problem, or maybe in Australia? How about Tokyo? USA? All of these and many more locations are available.

Plus a CDN (content delivery network) ensures that your website is fast no matter where your visitor comes from.

They also feature automatic scaling, DDoS detection, hardware firewalls, anti-hack protection with a no-hack guarantee, plus WordPress experts on hand to help you if you have a problem.

They’re our first choice for WordPress managed hosting.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Fantastic CPanel based web hosting.
Are you ready to ditch your slow host?


Managed high speed WordPress hosting
powered by Google Cloud.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee