About FastCodeFix

Why we started and how we’ve developed…

FastCodeFix Launched 2016

Created by Simon Vause, a developer who is repeatedly hired by web designers and marketing and design agencies to work on their behalf. 

He saw a gap in the WordPress market for people with good technical skills, who knew what they were doing, as there had been a large influx of ‘would be’ designers that didn’t have the technical skill to offer a full service.

Three Decades

Simon’s first taste of programming came at the tender age of 12 when he learnt BASIC to allow him to create games that he could play on the Sinclair ZX81. It’s a far cry from Fortnite but it certainly ignited a passion for coding.

In his later teenage years he progressed to COBOL in college and then as the world wide web started to develop he was introduced to HTML while working at Compaq. Over the years he’s kept up to date with new languages as they’ve developed, adding PHP, CSS, Javascript and JQuery 

Simon first got to grips with WordPress as it began to grow in popularity 5 years after it’s launch in 2008. He’s been involved with it ever since.

Over the past four years FastCodeFix has gone from strength to strength. Driven by word-of-mouth referrals.

To keep up with demand Simon has also sought out and recruited talented individuals that not only compliment his skills, but can also be called upon at busy times.

Simon has also found that a lot of website owners had more than coding problems. They had no idea on how to make their website a success. This opened up other areas such as content creation and search engine optimisation.

Now FastCodeFix provides a wide range of services to help make WordPress websites the best that they can be.

We look forward to helping you with your website!

Simple Hire Process

Getting help is easy! Tell us what you need doing. We’ll provide you with a quote and timeline for completion. Pay a 50% deposit through PayPal and the final 50% once the job is done.

Money Back Guarantee

If we fail to fix your problem or to not deliver on the terms agreed between us, we offer a no quibble money back guarantee. We’re confident in our abilities to fix your WordPress problems.